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If the expenses are once again higher than the revenue, the credit line is used more frequently. But who overdrays his account and claims a credit line, should be aware of what interest costs to get one, because the disbursements is usually in the double-digit range. For consumers who use their Dispo only a short time, this is usually not a problem, but if an account is for a long period of negative, you should think about a installment loan to replace the credit line. Read more at

An installment loan is a consumer loan that is given out for no purpose and repaid in constant monthly installments. An installment loan can be requested directly from a bank or via the Internet. Meanwhile, a consumer loan is gladly applied for over the Internet, because direct and online banks usually offer their customers low interest rates. These attractive offers should be used if you have used a credit line, which causes too much cost. If one balances his account with a favorable installment loan, one can save costs.

Anyone who receives a higher consumer credit than he needs to balance the current account, can also fulfill a small wish at the same time or create a small financial cushion.

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If you want to apply for an installment loan, you have to complete a loan application on the Internet that can be done quickly and easily via an online form. In addition to all personal information that needs to be done, it is also necessary to provide evidence. A solid and undeclared employment relationship as well as a regular and sufficient income must be proven. Another point of the credit check is the questioning of the data at private credit, which shows the bank whether or not the prospective loan is creditworthy.

Only after this credit check is completed, a consumer credit can be awarded. However, you do not have to worry about having to wait for an installment loan for half an eternity, the credit check is now done using standardized procedures, so in most cases a loan decision can be taken on the same day. With a installment loan, you can thus quickly compensate for the overdrawn account, but also use a consumer loan for any other occasion.